We Need to Start Being More Compassionate

We can all do our part in making the world a kinder place.

3 min readMar 4, 2022


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You know, a lot of people nowadays are rude. They think they can say whatever the hell they want and not have a care in the world if it’s insulting. I’m not talking about the customers I deal with at work, even though many of them are jerks.

I’m primarily talking about the insensitive bums behind the computer screens.

They believe that since they’re behind their computer screen in the comforter of their home, they can write disrespectful comments on other people’s stories or articles or in the comments section on Instagram and Twitter.

They fail to realize just how bad their words are, even damaging to the people who receive them, while some don’t care that their comments are vicious.

Everyone in their community needs to step up and start showing more compassion toward others because you never know what happened to cause something you’re insulting or what they’re currently going through.

Since I know I could start showing more compassion, I have found ways to help all of us on our journey of becoming more compassionate.

Be Selfless.

By becoming more compassionate, you can start by being more selfless, as in, putting yourself in others’ shoes. You can do that by watching what you say to other people.

Before you say something to someone in person or make a comment online, ask yourself, “would this comment make me upset or insult me if someone said it to me?”

If the answer is yes, then keep the comment to yourself. If you’re unsure of how it would make you feel, that is also a good indicator that you shouldn’t make that comment.

Remove Hatred from Your Heart.

To be a compassionate person, you need to stop hating and start loving your fellow human beings.

You can do that by expressing empathy, stopping judgmental comments, not displaying anger towards someone doing something, or looking a certain way that doesn’t meet your approval.




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