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I lied. Online dating was not a success.

4 min readNov 3, 2021


Let’s face it. Online dating isn’t cutting it nowadays. It hasn’t for years, but many people like me resort to it in hopes of finding a relationship.

Sadly, more times than none, you hardly ever find a connection with another person from a dating site. Yes, some people have found love on a dating site, but the chances are slim for most people.

I Lied. Online Dating Was Not a Success.

Well, it was more so that I was wrong. Several months ago, I wrote a story about feeling like my experience with online dating was a success.

I felt as if it was a success because I met one guy in person from the dating site. Only one guy named Chad.

That has never happened throughout the many years I’ve been on dating sites, so I took that as a huge win.

However, I don’t feel as if online dating was a success because I don’t talk to Chad anymore and haven’t met anyone besides him in person.

Chad has also never been the one to initiate a conversation with me. I always started a conversation between us, and if I didn’t text him first, I wouldn’t talk to him that day.

Finally, after constantly having to text him first, I got fed up with it and stopped. So, guess what happened.

We stopped talking altogether because I now refuse to text him first and haven’t spoken to him in five months.

You might think I’m being petty, but I’ll have you know I don’t mind being the first one to text someone. However, I do mind always having to be the first one.

And when it comes to the guys I’m hoping to date, I’m ALWAYS the first one starting a conversation and the only one keeping it going.

I’m Probably Pursuing the Wrong Guys.

Since I have bad luck in the dating scene online and off, It makes me wonder if it’s because I’m pursuing the wrong guys.

The guys I hoped to date in the past aren’t terrible people, but they’re most likely the wrong kind of guys for me. And I’m the wrong kind of girl for them.




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