The Pandemic Is Not Over

While we remain to see improvement, people continue to catch and die from COVID.

4 min readOct 26, 2022


Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

There’s a phrase going around that people love to throw out, especially towards people similar to me who choose to wear a mask in public, like at work. That phrase is, “COVID is over.”

Uh no, COVID is NOT over.

Yes, positive infection cases and deaths seemed to have gone down, but we’re still in a pandemic phase, and medical officials have yet to declare that we’re no longer in one. So, until that happens, we’re still going through the COVID pandemic, and the virus is highly deadly.

While We Remain to See Improvement, People Continue to Catch and Die From COVID.

Most states have lifted the mask mandates, and public places such as grocery stores removed their “6ft apart” physical distancing floor signs.

Yet, people are still catching and dying from COVID. So, here’s my opinion on the subject (which is only my opinion since I’m no medical expert).

I think public places that serve hundreds of people a day, like grocery stores, should require customers and employees to wear a mask, put the physical distancing signs back on the floor and do a better job enforcing COVID guidelines by the CDC.

I realize that I continue to use grocery stores as an example. That’s because working in one makes me more aware of what we can do better regarding the health of every person, customers and employees alike.

We Need to Learn How to Live a Post-COVID Life.

It doesn’t matter how badly people want everything to return to normal. Our lives and society will never go back to pre-COVID days.

It doesn’t exist anymore. I understand that I sound like a Debbie-Downer however, all I’m doing is speaking the truth.

If we can get on the same page and accept the reality that our pre-COVID days are a thing in the past, we’ll do much better.

Since we continue to be in a pandemic, we all need to learn how to live a pandemic life and, when the day comes, a post-COVID life.




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