Should I Leave Medium?

Or is it worth staying?

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March of 2023 will mark four years of writing on Medium. So, I would like to voice my current thoughts about Medium, myself as a writer on the site, and how I feel about going forward.

First and foremost.

I want to express my gratitude for Medium. Like many writers, I wanted a way to showcase my articles and stories.

So, in 2019 I found Medium, and it has been an excellent place to publish my work for hundreds (I’m guess-estimating) of people to see.

In addition, writing on Medium has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people I’m lucky to call friends. Because of that, I will be forever grateful.

Should I Continue Writing on Medium?

I’m seriously debating whether I should discontinue publishing my work on Medium and go somewhere else.

However, I’m unsure if my readers will follow me to a new platform.

One of the remarkable things about Medium is that it comes with built-in readers, which makes it hard to get away from the site.

Yet, out of all my followers on Medium, how many of them even read my writing? Currently (January 4, 2023), I have 767 followers.

However, if you look at my stats, you wouldn’t think I have that many since my stats don’t reflect my follower amount.

Which raises the question, out of the 767 followers, how many of those are real people, and how many are bots?

Having 767 followers on Medium is incredible, only if every supporter out of the 767 truly read all my stories, or at least most of them.

If not, I rather have fewer supporters on Medium when those people actually read my writing every time I publish new content.

I Have Never Earned $100 in a Single Month on Medium.

I understand I’m partly to blame for that since I have never been consistent with writing and publishing on Medium. However, once curation changed to distribution, everything started to tank.

I’m also not the only writer who has experienced a decline in reads following the…




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