Nothing Good Will Come from Comparing Yourself to Others

All you’re doing is asking for trouble.

4 min readApr 15, 2022


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We may not be with each other or communicate, yet I stalk John on Facebook. However, I believe the word stalking sounds harsh. It’s more like checking out his profile every couple of months.

I know it’s something I shouldn’t do because nothing good ever comes from looking at his profile. But I have a serious problem.

Every couple of months, I will unblock John and look at his profile then my self-esteem plummets even lower than it already was.

I become mad again at how he treated me when we were together and wish I could take a baseball bat to his face. After all of that, I block him.

I “Stalk” His Profile for a Few Reasons.

There are five reasons why I continue to torture myself by looking at his Facebook. For one, I can read and view all his posts and pictures.

Two, to see if he’s single or dating another girl that he claims is his “soulmate” and is the “most beautiful girl” he has ever seen. Three, to see if he has a job that doesn’t involve stealing money from people like he did with me.

Four, see where he’s living. And five, the most important reason, I want to know if he’s doing better than I am. I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking I must be pathetic and have such low self-esteem that I need to make sure he’s doing worse than I am to feel better about myself. Your thoughts are correct.

My self-esteem has been low for a long time which has caused me to believe I would feel better about myself if I saw that he was doing worse.

On the contrary, though, he always seems to be doing well.

Every time I look, he appears to be in a relationship with some girl he declares make him extremely happy while I remain single.

The Need to Compare Yourself to Others Is Asking for Trouble.

I swipe through pictures of him posing with his girlfriend at the time and then his wife (now ex-wife), and I instantly get jealous, and I become…




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