Here’s What I Think We Should Do About Gun Control

Here me out.

3 min readJun 8, 2022


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I want to start by saying my opinion on gun control has nothing to do with politics and is strictly personal beliefs.

The recent school shooting in Uvalde Texas got me thinking of what we should do about gun control.

We all know that we have a severe problem on our hands, and it seems as if the government doesn’t care since they’re not doing a damn thing to fix it.

There’s been talk about how we need to ban guns, but I honestly don’t think that will change anything.

So instead, we should put massive restrictions on buying and owning a firearm. At least make it extremely difficult for fourteen-year-old kids to get their grubby little hands on one.

I Support the Second Amendment.

I believe everyone has the right to bear arms, but I’m talking about a handgun. Not assault rifles or machine guns.

I support owning a firearm for safety and protection.

That is because someone like me would benefit from one since I’m a small person and due to having chronic pain, I’m not strong enough to defend myself.

Some might argue that if I’m ever in a situation where I would need to protect myself, I would be filled with adrenaline, giving me the strength to defend myself.

Yet, that’s not always true.

The fight or flight mode doesn’t work for everyone because it’s not only fight or flight. It’s also fight, flight, and freeze.

I’m afraid I would freeze up and not have the ability to protect myself adequately. Therefore owning a gun would be helpful.

Also, supporting the Second Amendment doesn’t mean I don’t support gun restrictions. Because I do.

To Better Regulate Guns, We Need Stricter Restrictions.

If someone wants to own a gun, they must have a mandatory psychological exam to check if they’re emotionally healthy.

If they pass the exam and are given the green light for gun ownership, they should have a psychological exam every six months to…




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