Having Hope Is Fine, but You Still Need to Do Your Part

Having hope alone won’t improve anything.

This time last year in 2020, we were right in the middle of a nationwide freak out due to the pandemic.

People went full-blown psycho, trying to stock up on food and water like they weren’t going to leave their house for about three years.

I remember silently panicking to myself since I still had to go to work in the grocery store, which is a cesspool of germs. It was horrible.

Simultaneously, working and not knowing if I was going to catch the virus or get sick with a different illness that will weaken my immune system worse than it is caused a lot of stress.

Fast forward to March of this year. People seem to have calmed down a bit by the looks of it, but the virus is still raging through host after host.

If you have paid attention to society, you will have noticed two types of people and how they are handling this pandemic.

The first type, they’re continuing to live their lives while hoping everything will work out for the best, and that’s it.

The second type they’re realistic about the situation.

They may think that things are starting to improve, but they realize that the virus isn’t going to be entirely gone until 2022.

Even though they have hope, they continue to do their part in slowing the virus and helping the situation improve.

They’re wearing face masks while out in public, they maintain social distancing guidelines, they wash their hands and keep everything around them sanitized, and they stay home and quarantine when necessary.

Do You See the Difference Here?

The second type of people in this setting is handling the pandemic realistically while still holding on to the hope that if they keep doing what they’re supposed to do, things will get better.

It might take longer than everyone would want, but it will get better.

The first type of people handles everything regarding the pandemic by living in a bubble of hope.

They believe everything will work out in the end, even though they’re not doing anything to help slow the spread of the virus.

Since they have hope that things will get better, they don’t think they need to continue wearing face masks in public or participate in social distancing.

Though, that is what’s helping us fight the spread in the first place.

Having Hope Is Fine, but You Still Need to Do Your Part.

We can’t expect our situation to get better if we’re not going to do our part in helping society get better. Having hope alone won’t improve anything.

We can’t tell ourselves; I don’t need to do my part because I hope everything will be fine.

That is wishful thinking and will do more harm than good because we’re relying on our hope alone to fix everything, and that’s not going to work.

I Do Have Hope That Society Will Improve.

That’s because I’m following the rules and guidelines set in place to help curb further contamination. I wear a face mask during my entire shift at work and out in public.

I try my hardest to stay at least six feet away from other people but that only works as much as other people will allow.

Primarily when you work at a grocery store and customers won’t move out of your way so you can help them, so you end up breaking the six feet rule.

I also do my part in quarantining as much as possible. Because I’m doing my part, I have hope we will get better, and we’ll finally get rid of this nasty virus.

I’m also aware of the timeframe of that coming to pass will most likely be the Summer of 2022. If we all do our part while holding onto our hope, we can get through this.

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