Delicious Mocktail Recipes for the Non-drinker

Three recipes to help you stick to your choice of being alcohol-free.

5 min readApr 1, 2022


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We as human beings are social creatures, so it’s no surprise that we like to go out (or stay in) and have a good time with friends and family.

Our get-togethers are often filled with tasty food and delicious drinks, and the drinks are usually made with a special ingredient — alcohol.

However, a few of us refrain from indulging in alcoholic beverages, some due to health issues, religious reasons, or simply not having a desire to drink alcohol. But does being a non-drinker mean you can’t have fun at your family and friends’ parties? NO!

Choosing not to drink alcohol does not diminish your ability to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, I understand the appeal behind drinking a yummy drink in a cool-looking glass or cup.

Furthermore, not drinking alcohol doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying one of the classic alcoholic drinks since they can be made without alcohol, letting you stick to your choice to stay alcohol-free.

Three Delicious Mocktail Recipes for the Non-drinker:

  1. Virgin Margarita
  2. Non-Alcoholic Peach Bellini
  3. Shirley Temple

Making one of these mocktails will become a big hit with the non-drinkers in the group and all the children in attendance. These recipes allow underage kids to drink what the adults are drinking without consuming alcohol. So, give one of these mocktail recipes a try at your next party or family get-together.

Virgin Margarita — Serves 1 Drink, Prep Time: 5 Minutes.

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  • Lime juice — You can’t make a margarita without lime juice. You can choose to juice an actual lime (about 1 1/2 medium limes, juiced) or use bottled lime juice. (1.5 ounces fresh lime juice). The lime juice adds bright and tart flavors to every sip you take.




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