Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Lack a Love Life

It just means that you have a different kind of love life.

3 min readFeb 14, 2022


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There was a time when I wanted to get married at the age of eighteen. Let’s all throw our heads back and laugh because I’m 34 and still single.

I always wanted to get married and have a family and knew how many kids I wanted, and I even picked out their names.

I had this fantasy of how I wanted my marriage and family life to be, and if it had come true, I would be married with at least two kids by now.

The years go by, and things change throughout my life, but one thing remains the same. I’m STILL single.

I’ve been on a few dates with a couple of guys, but they never morphed into a relationship. I’ve also tried online dating sites, and they always seem to be a complete waste of time and emotional energy.

Being the only one in my family who’s not married is embarrassing. One of my nieces, who was seven, even asked me why I was not married.

Talk about awkward.

How do I even begin to answer that question? I can’t respond with how I feel inside because it’s negative, and I don’t want any of my nieces to know that I believe the reason why I’m not married is that I’m ugly.

I’ve spent many years upset about being single and lacking a love life that I failed to realize I DO have a love life. You might be wondering how I can have a love life while being single, and that’s simple.

Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Lack a Love Life.

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My love life is not the type of love life you’re thinking of; my love life consists of being loved by my family.

A love life doesn’t always mean having a partner or a spouse. It also means loving and being loved by your family and friends.

I’m grateful for having such a close-knit family and being best friends with my siblings since that made it so that I’m incredibly close to my nieces and nephews.




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