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Writer of self-help and personal development| Chronic Pain Sufferer| 3X Sepsis Survivor|

Writer, chronic pain warrior, life coach, and 3X sepsis survivor.

About JennyB.

To echo Twisted Sister, we’re not gonna take it anymore.

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My thoughts regarding the case of Arne Johnson.

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Thanks, HBOMax!

I’m tired of being depressed and hating life. I want to be happy.

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You shouldn’t beat yourself up getting people to like you.

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Insecurity at its finest.

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I’m happy with my results on OkCupid.

Canva design by author.

But coping methods help you live your life without being overtaken by your grief.

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My 5 recommendations on how to manage peripheral neuropathy.

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Sleep all day and party all night. They had the right idea.

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