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Writer, chronic pain warrior, life coach, and 3X sepsis survivor.

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About JennyB.

Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to my official about me page on Medium. For some of you that might not know me, let me introduce myself.

I’m JennyB. A writer, content creator, advocate, life coach, chronic pain warrior, and 3X sepsis survivor.

My mission with my writing career and life coach brand, JennyB-Writer, is to make a difference in my reader’s and client’s lives and raise awareness for the chronic pain and chronic illness community.

While also raising Sepsis awareness, the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Through my advocacy, I help teach pain sufferers how to navigate…

A recap of the stories and articles that shaped the month of February.

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Do you know what today is? It’s February 28th which marks the last day of February. And that means it’s the second segment of The End of the Month Round-Up.

This is a reminder for everyone new to following me. On the last day of every month, I’ll publish a new story highlighting the stories and articles published in that month.

It’s my way of promoting the stories of that month while also reminding anyone who may have missed a story or article I published during that time.

I didn’t want anyone to miss out on my writing during the…

Women don’t need a man to have a wonderful life.

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One of the questions I hate getting asked the most is, “do you have a boyfriend?” I’ve been asked that question many times, that my reply is often laughter followed by a no.

Being born and raised in Utah, I’m something you would call an outcast. I’m 33 years old, unmarried, and living with my parents.

Growing up LDS, the culture of finding a spouse and starting a family begins to way on you, especially the older you get.

I’ve never been interested in finding a return missionary to marry since that never seemed alluring to me.

In the LDS…

Three ways to help chronic pain sufferers become active in the dating scene.

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Trying to date in your early to mid-30s is hard. Do you know what’s harder? Dealing with chronic pain while actively dating, I know I talk a lot about dealing with chronic pain because it’s something that controls my life in every way.

I’ve never been one to have a boyfriend throughout my life. Sure, I’ve been on dates, but that’s all they were. They never morphed into a relationship, just stayed as casual dates.

Having chronic pain makes it so you can’t do typical day-to-day activities. We always try but end up needing to lay down and take a…

Why are we so damn tired?

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I’m so tired. It’s as if I’ve been in a state of fatigue and tiredness for years. When I was younger, my mom would tell my teachers that I was born tired as her reply to my teacher’s complaints of me falling asleep in class.

I have never been the type of person that can sit at a desk or chair and listen to someone talk. Just talk, especially if they’re talking about something that is boring the hell out of me.

I tune out, start daydreaming, then I begin to doze off. Doesn’t it feel like society is making…

Living with survivor’s guilt can wreak havoc on your life.

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For the last thirteen months, I’ve been dealing with severe depression. It wasn’t until my nephew Noah died on Christmas Eve 2019 that I experienced my first feeling of survivor’s guilt.

My survivor’s guilt has been eating me up inside and causing me to have major depression.

I survived sepsis three times in my life, with my experience going through septic shock in 2016 being the worst of all.

My body was shutting down due to organ failure, and I ended up going into a non-induced coma.

The doctors told my parents to prepare themselves because I might not make…

You don’t need to have a partner to celebrate the holiday of love.

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The dreadful day that we single women hate the most is upon us. That day is Valentine’s Day. We’re often told to stop complaining about being single on Valentine’s Day since we’re single every day of the year.

I get that, but the feeling of being single on a holiday that celebrates couples in love is different compared to your average Tuesday.

Valentine’s day is a constant reminder of how everyone around you is in love, and you’re not, and you’re probably going to spend the rest of your life alone with your five cats.

And you shouldn’t be either.

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I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was five years old. So, for the past 28 years, you could say that they’ve become a part of me.

I’ve never let my hearing aids define who I am, but I’ve also never been ashamed for needing to wear them.

I was born chronically ill with several medical illnesses, one of them causing deafness. It wasn’t till I started Kindergarten that my parents realized something was wrong.

My Kindergarten teacher had trouble understanding what I was saying since I was talking, like how I was hearing, which means I had a deaf…

Question time. When someone asks you how you’re doing, what is your response?

Is it the typical line of reactions? Such as, “I’m fine.” “Another day in paradise.” “I’m doing well.” “Living the dream.”

Or do you decide to go all-in and divulge how you’re honestly feeling?

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This question has been on my mind since I work in an industry where people like managers or coworkers ask how you are doing.

It has been on my mind because when management asks how I’m doing, I say I’m doing fine or doing okay.

So basically, I tell them what they want…

To be honest, I never thought this would happen.

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It finally happened. My manager Tom* at work, who I’m in love with, was fired for sexual harassment. To be honest, I never thought this would happen.

I never thought of the possibility of my female coworkers becoming uncomfortable enough to file a complaint against him to corporate.

And I won’t lie. I’m fucking pissed.

I’m mad that he got fired, and now he’s gone. I’m mad that I won’t be able to see him anymore.

Most importantly, I’m mad that I wasn’t one of the girls he told he wanted to have sex them.

My Manager’s Firing Made Me Realize I Was Jaded Towards the Situation.

My mom told me that…

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