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Writer of self-help and personal development| Chronic Pain Sufferer| 3X Sepsis Survivor|

Writer, chronic pain warrior, life coach, and 3X sepsis survivor.

About JennyB.

Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to my official about me page on Medium. For some of you that might not know me, let me introduce myself.

I’m JennyB. A writer, content creator, advocate, life coach, chronic pain warrior, and 3X sepsis survivor.

My mission with my writing career and life coach brand, JennyB-Writer, is to make a difference in my reader’s and client’s lives and raise awareness for the chronic pain and chronic illness community.

While also raising Sepsis awareness, the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Through my advocacy, I help teach pain sufferers how to navigate…

Choosing the right path requires being prepared.

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I have reached a crossroads many times in my life. As in, should I pursue a career in acting or continue working on creating my writing business. As you can see, you know what choice I made at that crossroad.

There will be times when you feel like your life is falling apart and don’t know what direction you should take. What you need to remember is those feelings are entirely normal.

Nobody has it all together, and everyone faces trials in their life. And unfortunately, when we overcome one trial, another one pops up and says, “surprise bitch!”

That’s part of life, and it helps us change and grow as a person.


Non-sufferers need to try to be more compassionate.

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Do you know how many people suffer from chronic pain? 50 million. I kid you not, 50 million people suffer from chronic pain, and the chronic pain and chronic illness community are still widely stigmatized.

That’s because people have a hard time believing in our illness and pain since they can’t see it. They fail to realize that there are hundreds of diseases you can’t see outside the body.

You can’t see what causes a migraine or a kidney infection, or even a blood clot. …

If you can, please donate to Shannon’s GoFundMe.

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It’s taken me some time to write this story. I’ve seen many writers publish their stories on this subject, which is excellent, but I didn’t want to come off as if I was only writing and broadcasting about this topic to help my stats — or publishing it only because I wanted to be part of the group.

I also felt like if I wrote this story, some might groan with the thought, “geez, another one?!” while rolling their eyes.

Since there are already several versions about this topic published on Medium, everyone has probably already read at least one.

Striving to live a happier life is a never-ending journey.

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash

Who out there wants to live a happier life? *Raises hand.* I know I do, and I know everyone does as well. If they say they don’t or that it doesn’t matter to them, they’re lying.

I don’t care what anyone says or claims; EVERYONE on God’s green earth wants to be happy rather than miserable.

No one can deny how much better they feel when they’re happy, and I’m not talking about the fake it till you make it happy.

I’m talking about the genuine heartfelt happiness that’s pure.

Of course, a more joyful life doesn’t happen on its own, we must do things that promote pure joy…

I stayed because I didn’t believe I could do any better.

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What is so appealing about being in a toxic relationship? There’s honestly nothing exciting or unique about being involved with someone who constantly makes you feel like you’re worthless.

Sure, there are times when your boyfriend/husband brings you flowers, winks at you, holds you in his arms while you’re shivering because you’re outside in the cold so he could have his fifth cigarette of the night.

And yeah, those things give you butterflies and make you weak in the knees, but that’s all you’re going to get from him.

I met a guy named John about thirteen years ago. I…

New goal on Ko-fi — receive my medical marijuana card.

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Many of you know this, but for the ones who don’t, I’ve been suffering from chronic pain for fifteen years.

Going through septic shock in 2016 made the neuropathy in my legs and feet and the nerve pain throughout my body worse.

I have monthly lidocaine infusions at the pain clinic and pain medication to get me through the day.

My monthly infusions combined with taking daily medicines have helped a lot, but unfortunately, they can only help so much.

Due to the stupid opioid crisis, doctors are too afraid to prescribe their patients anything more potent than Tylenol with…

Sepsis is the #1 cost of hospitalization in the U.S.

Photo by: graphicsdunia4you|Shutterstock- Edited by author, JennyB

Raising sepsis awareness has become a big goal of mine. After surviving sepsis three times and developing a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from experience, it’s kind of hard not to advocate letting people know of the dangers.

Going through septic shock in 2016 was one of the worst ordeals I have ever encountered in my life.

I acquired post-sepsis depression (I named that), the chronic pain that I had previously got worse and continues to worsen each year.

Due to being a 3x sepsis survivor and sepsis being an equal opportunity killer, I want to educate you all…

Success doesn’t happen overnight. So be patient.

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Since I was little, my dream was to be a writer. I loved writing essays, short stories, even letters.

However, I never had the ambition to work in retail and deal with rude customers face to face in a grocery store.

And to be honest, I never expected to work in a grocery store for at least five years, let alone a decade.

But here I am, thirteen years later, and I’m still with the same company. Oy vey!

I’ve been writing in some form since I was young, and in 2010, I created a horror blog where I wrote about all things horror, including my love for the genre.

After five years of horror blogging…

The body positivity movement was not created with all body types in mind.

Photo by: LenaLaPina | Shutterstock

I’ve seen a lot about fatphobia on the internet lately, and the way some people define the term has me a bit irritated.

I’m not significantly overweight, but due to my horrible diet and lack of exercise, I have been putting on more weight than I would like. I’ve always wanted to be thin and have struggled with my weight since I was young.

When I was thirteen years old, I experienced bulimia, but it wasn’t until after my assault that I developed a full-fledged eating disorder.

From what I gathered from social media, you’re fatphobic if you have a…


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